Green Festival

Hi, my name is Jodi and this is my blog! Welcome!

Ever since I can remember, I have been building things out of found objects. Creating pieces out of stuff other people call junk.  I grew up on a small farm in North Dakota, so always had access to wood, metal, and found objects. I love to find an excuse to build something with bits and pieces others have thrown away.

I have an Art undergrad degree and an Organizational Leadership Masters. The perfect mix of right brain and left-brain.

I lived in Minneapolis for over a decade and never ran out of sources of inspiration for great projects. I own a beautiful 1918 Sears Roebuck box bungalow in Minneapolis that I currently rent out. I spent four years remodeling the house to better reflect the 1918 character.  It would be safe to say that over 75% of the items in the house were built from re-purposed materials. I recently moved to Rockville Maryland with my partner, and have been busy exploring new material sources.

I also love to cook. There is a good chance if I am not working on a DIY project I am in the kitchen cooking, roasting coffee, or making Greek yogurt.

This blog is for my family and friends that have been asking for more photos of my projects and how-to’s. I love answering DIY questions and giving project guidance. Leave a comment or send an e-mail and I will do my best to help you out!



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    1. Thanks! I can’t complain much about being able to do what I love!

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