DIY Frosted Acrylic House Numbers

As you all know by now I do not like spending money on projects! We moved into our house in October. The first thing I did was to set aside all the random items with potential that were left behind by the previous owner. The basement had a shelving system made with 5 acrylic shelves. The basement was about to be gutted, so I knew they were worth saving.

The existing house number was …. well …. yeah, a DIY fail! We live in a neighborhood with block after block of brick cape cods built in the 1950′s. There have been times when I drove right past our house, because they all look the same. Our family and friends have the same problem. We were in need of a house number that stood out from the crowd.



Enter the old acrylic shelves! They were the perfect size for our house number. I felt it was a bit plain. I wanted it to have a modern feel, so I decided to frost the acrylic.



The next step is very simple. I used my DeWalt sander with 220 sandpaper. This step can be done by hand. It is important that when doing it by hand, you sand in small circles. It will take more time, but definitely can be done.




You can see in the bottom corner the frosted look was not uniform…keep sanding. Honestly, with the step…when you think you are done, go over the piece a few more time. The more layers you have, the better.




The piece is now frosted and ready for the numbers.




I found a font I liked on-line and downloaded it. Next, I measured the acrylic pieces to make sure the numbers would fit. Tape the numbers to the front of the acrylic piece.




Flip the acrylic sheet over and trace the numbers with a pencil. I set a light under the sheet, so I could easily trace the numbers.




At this point the numbers are not perfect. Go through and clean the edges up. Next step is to paint the numbers. I used exterior black latex plaint leftover from the outside paint job.




Two coats of paint later and it is ready to be installed!

House NumbersFinal


In keeping with my love of free projects,  I dug through my hardware to what I could mount the new house numbers with. Luckily, I had a few masonry screws. I thought about painting them, but decided to go with the blue for a small pop of color.



In order to mount it away from the house I placed a nut between the acrylic and the house.



The finished product looks AMAZING! Most importantly, family and friends can now see it from the street.






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  1. Love how resourceful and creative you are with the items you have on hand.

    1. Thanks! It’s fun to constantly challenge myself to find cheaper ways of doing things!

  2. Looks like a lot of work to me. Was it worth the effort?

    1. Considering it took no more than one hour start to finish and was free…I think it was well worth it!

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