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Ugly Furnace Panel~ Chalkboard Cover

We have a 2′x4′ metal furnace cover that takes up a big portion of our dining room wall. To say it is an eye sore would be an understatement! We both love chalkboards, so I decided to make a cover out of chalkboard. Since it still needs to function as a furnace I made a […]

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2×4 Scrap Wood ~ Shower Organizer

I was in the shop on Thursday and decided to build something with the endless supply of 2×4 wood scraps I had collecting in the corner. We had been looking for a wood shower organizer since we moved into our new apartment, so decided that would be a good project to tackle. I few weeks […]


Determining the Age of a Ball Jar

I have a growing collection of Ball Jars and finally set out to learn more about them. Bob Clay’s website offers a great deal of information on Ball Jars. The image below is from his website. If you want to learn more about the history of Ball Jars please check out his website. .

Perfect message center!

Wood Crate Message Center ~ With DIY Chalkboard Paint

Many of you have been asking about chalkboard paint, so I decided it was time to do a post to answer your questions. I was enjoying a cup of coffee this afternoon and the perfect chalkboard project popped into my head. I bought an old wood crate several years ago at a thrift store for […]

Not bad for $10!

Stool Makeover ~ Vintage Drink Labels

Our new place has a kitchen island, so we needed stools. We had been searching the internet for vintage drafting stools, but could not justify spending over $200 a stool. We stopped at the local Goodwill and found two stools for $7 a piece. To make it even better they were on sale. We spent […]

Admire the finished product!

Re-purposed Jars

Spray painting jar lids is a great way to give your kitchen a cohesive look. I never throw away glass jars, because they have 1,001 uses around the house. This is a twenty minute project that will have you wishing you had never thrown away a glass jar!

I am very happy with the finished product!

Faux Vintage Metal Letters

Whenever I see vintage metal letters in antique stores my instinct is to buy them all…that is until I look at the price! I was determined to figure out a way to make them myself for a fraction of the price. Here is what I can up with. I am excited to try other colors […]

The finished product!

Restoration Hardware Lamp Rehab

Several years ago I found a lamp in the Restoration Hardware trash in the parking lot of the shopping mall. It was in great shape. The price tag was still on…$200! Huge score. They had cut the plug off, but that was an easy fix. Four years later it was in need of a new look. […]

Wine Barrel Planter

Wine Barrel Planter

I found this wine barrel at a thrift store for $5. I could not pass it up. It was the perfect addition to my front steps.


Re-purposed Window Greenhouse

I was in need of a greenhouse for my herbs. I had several old windows in the garage, so decided to use them to create a greenhouse. I simply made a box out of four windows and topped it off with a fifth.


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